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Canada Social Report:
A Compendium of Social Information

Over the past few years, the loss of data in Canada − especially the troubling dismantling of the long-form Census − inspired the Caledon Institute to launch this effort.  The Canada Social Report acts as a major hub for social information.  It is a resource for the entire social sector – to give all of us a strong voice and a powerful evidence base for informed policy conversations and the formulation of intelligent policy solutions.

What's New
Fed and Prov/Terr Monitors
January 2017
Municipal Monitor, January 2017

In the News
Link to Federal and Provincial/Territorial Statistical Agencies
February 17, 2017 
New Brunswick tabled the Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Act. The proposed legislation will provide victims of intimate partner violence with additional tools to increase their safety while they seek more permanent solutions.  Link





















































Policy Monitors
A record of Canada’s federal, provincial/territorial and municipal social policy activity
Welfare in Canada
Annual calculations of the incomes of four selected households living on social assistance
Social Assistance
Program descriptions and data on the number of social assistance cases and recipients by province/territory
Poverty Reduction
Summaries of current provincial/territorial strategies
Poverty and
Research studies on poverty and inequality
Child-related data, strategies and research
Minimum Wages
Annual report on minimum wages and comparisons to average earnings and key poverty measures
Disability Data
Data and information on disabilities
Indigenous Peoples
Data and information on the well-being of Indigenous and northern communities
Quality-of-Life Indicators
Summaries of key national and international quality-of-life studies
Canadian Tax and Credit Simulator
Portal to a computer model that simulates the Canadian personal income tax and transfer system
Labour Force and Employment
Data related to the labour force and employment
Youth-related data, strategies and research

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